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Copyright 2007 The Psychic Club Pty Ltd
All material throughout this website is copyright, all rights reserved, unless otherwise stated in a signed statement by a director of The Psychic Club Of Australia Pty Ltd. Any unauthorised use or copying is strictly prohibited.

Terms of Use 
All policies, terms and conditions on the page below limit our liability and obligations to you.  We urge you to carefully read the following Terms And Conditions, and all Policies referenced below or elsewhere on the website.  The Psychic Club (Of Australia) endeavours to render spiritual services of the highest quality and highest integrity.  However, the psychic world is a greatly mysterious frontier of human investigation and still in the earliest stages of human comprehension: subsequently apt to misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

The Psychic Club Of Australia Pty Ltd and, shall not be held liable for any loss or encumberance experienced by clients, whatsoever, caused through the provision of any of our services; including, but not limited to, personal phone consultations, written readings or charts, games or interactive features on this website, products, or articles and information provided in the club’s magazine.  Forecasts and predictions provided are of a psychic or spiritual nature, thus are not 100% reliable. 

It is recommended that qualified specialists or professionals are consulted for serious matters of a legal, medical, business, mental, family or similar nature. 

The Service
The advice we offer is of a religious, spiritual, psychic and supernatural kind.  The Psychic Club Of Australia Pty Ltd provides readings and charts for general guidance, conversational and entertainment purposes only.  Our friendly advice, albeit sincere, should certainly not to be taken as ‘gospel’ or ‘fact’.   Clients are recommended to use our services merely for referencing purposes and please understand that our services are NOT to be regarded as an adequate substitute for professional judgment or specialist advice.  Clients are furthermore advised to use their own judgment and discretion, in their acceptance or denial of any information provided from ‘unseen spiritual sources’ or in a psychic manner, especially in terms of what course of action to take in their own personal and professional lives.  The Psychic Club Of Australia Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for any damages, of any nature, that result from the use of this site or related services.

Service Disclaimer
The Psychic Club Of Australia does not claim, or make any assurances whatsoever, that our website, services and information provided by our computer systems, employees or sub-contractors, will meet your requirements, or that such services ultimately prove to be perfetly accurate and complete.

Customer Free Will
Freewill means that although there may be some set points in our lives which are 'destined', the rest of it is of our own making.  For instance, we cannot ethically change the actions, choices or life- paths of others. However, how we deal with each challenge in life and the choices that we make for ourselves are our ‘free-will’. You are the driver of your own vehicle in life. And in this way, The Club encourages you to take full responsibility for your choices and actions.

How can predictions be made?
Where the energy travelling into the future does not seem to change a great deal, it is rather like forecasting the weather. In such a case, a Reader may provide their impressions of the future. They may receive a ‘flash’ or ‘insight’ to share with you for instance, but The Club asks that you keep an open mind. At anytime the energy may shift for one reason or another... and nothing is set in stone. So, where predictions are made, please keep in mind that the future is changeable and that you have the power within you to initiate change.

Levels of accuracy may vary between readers. No claims are made regarding the percentage of accuracy of any particular reader for the Club.  Readers representing The Club are expected to provide a high level of accuracy, within reason, in their provision of readings. Being perfect is not possible, nor too be expected.

Choosing the Right Reader
All readers are selected by the Club due to their skills meeting the standards and requirements of The Club at the time of assessment. The club publishes as much information as possible about the style of each reader, to enable you to personally choose the reader best suited for your questions.  Check through the photos, profiles, consider the client feedback online and you make your own judgement call.

Accuracy of Future Predictions Disclaimer
Absolutely no responsibility is taken by the Club for the result of any future impressions that are imparted to you. Please think for yourself and do not rely upon predictions to live your life by. The present moment is far too important to be overlooked for something that may or may not be.

Taking Control of Your Life
Allowing others to make decisions for you, means that you are not being pro-active or taking responsibility for yourself. By doing this, you also are missing an opportunity for personal growth. The Readers for The Club are there to help and provide guidance, but cannot live your life for you. When as an Adult you allow or expect others to make all your decisions, you are giving away your personal power. It is great to gain insight into how each direction you are considering may influence you, but ultimately the decision is yours to make and the subsequent results are yours to endure or enjoy.

Difficult Situations
As part of the service of The Psychic Club of Australia Pty Ltd., and, when clients are in trouble, Readers may point them in the right direction for more intensive help and solutions.  If you find yourself deep in trouble, The Club’s Readers may supply you with government-approved numbers for further assistance. These numbers include, but are not limited to: Support Groups, Legal Bodies, Hospitals, Counseling Services. Such numbers are those which either, The Club has provided, or which the Reader has direct access to from a telephone directory or internet white pages, in order to assist you, the client, within the timeframe of your reading.  Readers can provide you with a certain level of comfort, common-sense guidance and support during times of crisis, but you must still take the appropriate measures, gaining legal advice, professional medical support or contacting the police and taking any other necessary measure to help yourself.  If free services better suit your financial situation, please seek out the many charitable and government supported telephone services.

Respect is of the utmost importance in the relationship between reader and client, or in the provision of reading services. When there is a lack of respect, the links to spirit may be temporarily shut down in order to protect either the reader or the client from energetic or emotional harm.  Readers reserve the right to decline to read, at the time of consultation or in the future, for any client who is rude, abusive or otherwise disrespectful of the Reader. Such behaviour is unacceptable to the sensitive situation of psychic and mediumistic reading, which requires trust and respect in order for a successful session to result.    Psychic readings are subtle, tenuous processes at the best of times, please respect that the psychic is trying to do “the impossible” for you, to be superhuman, to travel through time and space.

Client Confidentiality in Readings and Purchase of Services
Your privacy is assured.  The details discussed within a reading are treated as confidential and will therefore never be imparted to others, included in articles, books or otherwise published or broadcast without your formal written permission.  Your personal details, (birthdate, telephone number, contact address and email address etc) are not sold on any lists or otherwise shared with any other private organisation for any reason.

Record Keeping
Certain details of transactions must be stored by law for up to 5 years under Australian Taxation Laws. This is expected of any company, business or trade within this country.  In certain circumstances, details are kept in order to contact clients regarding payment matters, phoneline dropout issues during a session, or other matters or enquiries that require attention or resolution.

Recording Readings
The Psychic Club Of Australia does not record the audio of any reading.